Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No change for the P500 bill~

Funny how we tend to asses our life, some may say life is not fair, others described it as "Life is Beautiful", worse as it may seem Life is described to be short. Whatever Life that is, a choice on living on it is all that matters. A customer gave a P500 bill over her payment of P50, WoW! what an annoying phase of my Life (partly). However she was given her change of P450 after 30mins (more or less). In between of that 30mins. She started the conversation with a question about "Photography workshop" since the partner of my husband will be conducting the said workshop. And that she introduced her connections on disseminating the info faster, that's why I came to know Ms. Leah Valle since she's in-line in Photography and Fashion... and the conversation continues.. 'till the idea of making a Blog. We've talked so much that even time was spared, she was a subject of my interest, to rephrase She's Interesting! and She's Angie Maestrado my new Friend. So good to know that we share the same interest and we have something in common that made us feel closer, the expression of LIFE. and would be a good friend as my journey of life continues. If I'd given her the change in the seconds of 5, would you think we can create the friendship that we have now? Well, for me and Angie we were meant to meet in our Life's Journey. I should say that Life for me runs randomly. Shalom.